Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Coming Home

I’ve been meaning write this for some time, but I glanced back at our last blog post…and it was over two years ago. It’s overwhelming to think about catching you up to speed by delving into the details of the last few YEARS, so I’ll spare you the details and give you the highlights.

It’s so hard to put into words how I feel about us leaving Korea to come back to America. It truly is bittersweet, and I could not be more grateful to feel that way. It has been at times an overwhelmingly difficult country to adapt to and to live in. There were many times in these 4 years where I begged God to bring us home soon, and yet He repeatedly did not open that door. There were days when I cried out, longing to know how much longer we would have to endure here. During all of those dark times, I prayed that whenever we did leave, that God would bring things full circle. I prayed that I wouldn’t be in a season of simply “enduring” my time here, but that I would thrive joyfully in the abundant life He has blessed me with. It’s been such a sweet blessing to see that prayer come to fruition the last 6 months. Traylor and I have been able to see a tiny glimpse into what our purpose has been in coming to Changwon, Korea in many ways. I’ve been able to hold fast to the truth that we are indeed, “more than conquerors through Him who loved us”. (Romans 8:37)

Here are some of the highlights and joys:

Back in 2014 we met an incredible family, who were pastoring a church in Busan and had a vision/heart to plant another church in the foreseeable future. We, along with some others in our city, had been praying for months that God would open a door for us to plant a church in Changwon. In the spring of 2014 Redeemer Changwon launched in a small coffee shop and has now grown into the family that it is today. I’ve seen Traylor develop his passions, and grow as a leader and an elder. We’ve developed many close relationships with people who have come and gone, and if this alone was the reason we came to Korea – my heart is so full. Leaving this church and its people will be extremely hard. We’ve seen many people come and go, and it will be strange to be the ones leaving.

CHLOE LUNA was born on September 2015. Our sweet, fun loving little toddler loves Korea so much. It makes me sad to think that she won’t remember our time here. She has not met a stranger here, and will gladly parade herself down the street waving to the bypassers like a little princess. She has fostered my heart for Korea in many ways, and I am thankful to see Korea through her eyes when I feel frustrations arise. It’s tremendously hard to raise a kid here without family, so knowing we will be HOME with family makes my heart want to explode. We can’t wait to share her with you!

Japan. Oh, Japan. Every vacation time we look up different places to go, but always end up back in Japan. Traylor and I both have just fallen in love with that country while living here. We have no idea what this love will turn into down the road, but it’s on our hearts and in our prayers. We’ve looked into several jobs there, and visited a couple of churches and ministries, asking God to open doors – but as of right now, those doors remain closed. We are still praying though, with open hands and hearts.

We trust that whatever God has in store will be best for our family, and for right now we get to go HOME, to AMERICA in March to be with our family and we could not be more excited. We see these next few years as a time of training and refocusing.

Thank you for celebrating our coming home! It will be hard to leave, but we cannot wait to see you! We love you guys!

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